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WITNESSES. Giovanni Diffidenti

Bergamo-Cloister of Saint Marta
(Banca Popolare di Bergamo, Piazza V. Veneto 8)
8 – 23 september 2007

INAUGURATION: Friday 7th September 2007 at 6.30 p.m.
Giovanni Diffidenti with his strictly black and white photographs, insinuates among the faces, memoirs and experiences of “witnesses”, creating a temporal bridge between those involved in the 1944 Dalmine bombardment and those living the many conflicts of current times who sought refuge in Bergamo.

An itinerary, in the same color as the “forget-me-not” flower, which accompanies the visitor along a “memory chain” developing without solution of continuity among the fifteenth-century architecture of the convent of S. Marta, a place of prayer and meditation, also used as a “shelter”. The images portray people bearing the signs of war engraved on their body and soul: witnesses who are open to sharing their experience, who attempt to give an explanation, to elaborate their mourning, and to carefully preserve their memories. But they are also silent figures, shy and afraid of not being listened to or understood.
The exhibition will be inaugurated to the public in an open dialogue with Luigi Corvi, the journalist of Corriere della Sera, who will interview Ilario Testa, a witness of the 1944 Dalmine bombardment (today president of Sacbo, the company that manages the Orio al Serio airport) and one of the faces portrayed by Diffidenti, the Eritrean Alem Ghebrejesus, a witness of the war in Ethiopia. Memories and emotions of conflicts distant in time and space.

Opening hours: every day 4-8 p.m. Free admission
Information: bunker.associazionedipiu.org

Press Office: B@bele Comunicazione
Barbara Mazzoleni, tel. 320.8015469


Photos by Giovanni Diffidenti
Postcards by Diego Zanetti

The faces and expressions of WITNESSES – people who lived through the bombardment of Dalmine – are captured by the lens of Giovanni Diffidenti and together with their private recollections they become public icons of a collective tragedy. The POSTERS portraying doctor Richelmi and his wife Victoria, the Capuchin Father Gesualdo and Roberto Fratus will be posted on the streets of Dalmine and distributed to the population throughout the initiative. Other images realized by Diffidenti will be exhibited in the Library spaces, as a “preview” to the large exhibition “Witnesses”, an installation that will transform the Cloister of Saint Marta in Bergamo from the 8 to 23 September.
POSTCARDS are also available to visitors with color shots by the photographer Diego Zanetti: a small gallery of private, public and hidden places – the “peccatorum shelter” of a church, the “domestic shelter” of a kitchen and the anti-aircraft shelter of the Bagina in Dalmine - they all have in common their conception or use as a shelter, a place of salvation in times of danger.

by Laura Morelli

The artist Laura Morelli proposes a memory chain that begins with the eyewitness and ends in the last of four generations, following the changing interpretations of stories linked to the bombardment of Dalmine in the anti-aircraft shelters. The film contemporarily shows the four members of a family group: one at a time they tell their own story, framed in the family space of daily life.

from the workshop of Alberto Valtellina
A series of short films realized by the participants of the workshop organized in 2006 in the Library of Mozzo directed by Alberto Valtellina. The films portray personal readings of the Bunker theme: IN/OUT [skeletons in the closet] 8’4”, by Lorena Cornelli and Claudio Agosti; UNTITLED 11’19”, by Alexander Motta and Stephen Zanetti; THE ESCORT 5’23”, by Marco Azzerboni, Alessio Confarelli, Michael Colleoni, Luca Costello, Francesca Locatelli and Fabio Raneri.

by Casa Beato Luigi Guanella

The film shows the activities of the group “Seeds of peace” at the Casa Beato Luigi Guanella Institute in Verdello, where women suffering from mental disturbances are welcomed. Through the realization of crocheted bombs and through music, photographs, dialogues and colors, these women weave the story of the bombardment together with their personal experiences.

Open: Monday 14.30-18.30, Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 9-12.15 and 2.30-6.30 p.m., Thursday 10-12.15 and 2.30-6.30 p.m., Saturday 9-12.15 and 2.30-6.15 p.m.
Free admission

Information: 035 6224840


The" crocheted bombs " and" hands film" will be presented at Miart 2007 in the institutional stand of the Fondazione Stelline di Milano, within the exhibition "Art and territory".

Five projects by artists who work on the relation between art and territory: Artway of Thinking, Riccardo Benassi, Paola Di Bello, Alberto Garutti, Laura Morelli.
Edited by Connecting Cultures with the patronage and contribution of the Councillorship of Sport and Leisure of the Municipality of Milan;

Fondazione Stelline at MiArt
Fieramilanocity, 30 March – 2 April 2007
PREVIEW Section - Pavilion 2 - Stand A17
Opening hours: 12.00 - 9.00 p.m.; 2 April 12.00 - 6.00 p.m.


Thursday 15 February 2007
The first meeting of the Fuoriluogo project (Out of Place / Out of Space), organized by Connecting Cultures

The material will be exhibited to the public from 6.00 - 10.00 p.m., free admission.
A Dialogue between Laura Morelli and Ann Detheridge will take place at 7.00 p.m.

Fuoriluogo is articulated in a series of Dialogues between the artist and Ann Detheridge, critic and theorist of Visual arts and President of Connecting Cultures. Project material such as films, photos, models and studies will be exhibited to the public throughout the evening, constituting an important frame in presenting the artist.
FuoriLuogo will take place in the new spaces of the Documentation Center of Connecting Cultures, a Center of research and documentation dedicated to Visual Arts and Public art.

Connecting Cultures is a non profit association involved in cultural politics, contemporary art, formation and application of creative processes in the community and local regeneration.

Connecting Cultures Documentation Center
via Giorgio Merula, 62 20142 Milan
INFO 02.89181326 | info@connectingcultures.info

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